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Patient Partnering

Tools and Resources for Specific Types of Engagement Activities

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Creating and Sustaining Patient and Family Advisory Councils – Recruiting for Diversity

Read this guide to discover approaches for creating a diverse and well-represented patient and family advisory council. Use the guide’s templates and tools to support your practice.

Learn how to recruit for diversity

Source: Health Quality Ontario

Email Template for Outreach to Community Organizations

Use this tool to engage with local community organizations, businesses, residents’ associations and social service agencies who can provide assistance in recruiting people to be part of your Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Download email template for outreach to community organizations

Source: Health Quality Ontario

Terms of Reference Template

Learn how to clearly define sections of a Terms of Reference, the shared expectations outlined for members of a Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Download the terms of reference template

Source: Health Quality Ontario

Choosing Methods for Patient Engagement

There are many methods for engagement. Use this decision-making-guide to help you identify when, why and how to use each engagement method.

Download the decision-making-guide

Source: Health Quality Ontario

Meeting Minutes (Notes) Template for Residents’ Council Meetings

Use this template to note what is said at resident council meetings, and what actions need to follow them. Adapt the template to use for other types of meetings.

Download the template for taking meetings notes

Source: Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils

Key Steps and Methods for Engagement

Patients, caregivers and health care staff worked together to create this helpful resource. Read this resource to learn the steps, tips and practices needed to do engagement well.

Learn about different tips and methods for engagement

Source: The Change Foundation

Creating Patient and Family Advisory Councils

Learn how to create a Patient and Family Advisory Council and understand elements like defining the purpose, benefits and opportunities, and set guidelines for membership, orientation and rules of engagement.

Read information on how to create a patient and family advisory Council

Source: The Institute for Patient- and Family Centered Care

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