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Quality Improvement

Excellence through Quality Improvement Project (EQIP)

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Partnering to Make Mental Health and Addictions Care Better

E-QIP is an 18-month partnership project between Addictions & Mental Health Ontario, Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario & Health Quality Ontario to promote and support quality improvement in the community mental health and addictions sector.

The project aims to support organizations in strengthening their ability to realize this vision by:

  • increasing the understanding of quality in mental health and addictions care,
  • working towards improvement in key domains of quality,
  • increasing sector-wide QI learning and mentorship,
  • highlighting promising quality improvement practices.


The new E-QIP platform offers, to organizations specializing in quality improvement, tools and resources for quality improvement, a calendar of events and discussion boards.


Project Overview

E-QIP falls under the System Alignment and Capacity Working Group of the Mental Health and Addiction Leadership and Advisory Council.

Through E-QIP, the community mental health and addictions sector is taking steps forward in ensuring that clients and families are provided with the best possible services and outcomes when receiving care and support from community mental health and addictions agencies. The project also will ensure that the dedicated and skilled services providers are supported to improve the quality of services offered to clients through education, training and resources.

The project, launched in March 2016, is working to enhance sector-wide quality improvement capacity by delivering quality improvement and leadership training; providing access to advanced learning programs related to quality improvement; implementing quality improvement and data coaching support; and creating a virtual community of practice that will facilitates knowledge translation regarding quality improvement and data collection within the community mental health and addictions sector.

For more information on the Excellence through Quality Improvement Project, you can visit the project websites through the Addictions and Mental Health Ontario website or the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division website

Community of Practice

To receive news about quality improvement in the community sector of mental health and addictions, join the E-QIP community of practice. You will be able to ask questions and receive answers, exchange opinions and share experiences, engage in lively discussions and talk about your quality improvement journey.

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