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Health Quality Ontario is the provincial lead on the quality of health care, providing advice and support across the health system and to government on how to make health care better for the people of Ontario.

Health Quality Ontario has a legislative mandate to:

  • Report to the public on how the health care system is performing,

  • Find the best evidence of what works,

  • Translate this evidence into concrete standards and tools that health care providers and organizations can put into practice to support ongoing quality improvement.

Health Quality Ontario is governed by its own 12-member Board of Directors with representation from the medical and nursing professions, patients and other segments of health care. It is committed to supporting the development of a quality health care system based on six fundamental dimensions: efficiency, timeliness, safety, effectiveness, patient-centredness and equity.

In everything it does, Health Quality Ontario works with doctors, nurses, other health care providers, patients and families to support higher quality care across the system. Health Quality Ontario also works with partner organizations across the province to encourage the spread of innovative and proven programs to save money, eliminate redundancy and improve care.

Ways Health Quality Ontario improves health care quality include:

  • The spread of practical tools for doctors, nurses, other health care providers and patients to improve care at the front lines.

  • Tools for patients that help them manage their care, such as an initiative to help patients after leaving hospital.

  • Rapid access to addiction medicine clinics in communities across Ontario.

  • Confidential, voluntary information for family physicians about their practice, along with concrete suggestions on how to improve the care they provide.

  • Innovative quality improvement programs across health sectors – including hospitals, primary care, long-term care and mental health and addictions – that spread proven programs that save money, eliminate redundancy and improve care.

  • Easily accessible and understandable information for patients and health care providers about wait times for tests, specialists and surgical care.

  • A yearly report tabled in the legislature on the health of Ontario’s health system, shining a light on what is working and where the system must improve.

  • Health technology assessments which include recommendations for or against public funding of health care technologies or services, and by an independent group of patients, health care providers and other experts. These are rigorous reviews that analyze the evidence and look at benefits, harms, value for money and affordability.

  • Helping hospitals, long-term care homes, primary care and home care organizations establish and meet their quality improvement goals through their annual quality improvement plans.

  • Using the power of innovative digital tools to improve care at the front lines.

  • Quality standards that set out for clinicians and patients what the evidence defines as quality care for important health conditions such as opioid use and dementia, and for which there are unwarranted variations in care.

  • Actively involving patients and families who are users of the health care system - bringing their perspectives into the work that we do and providing tools for health care providers and patients to effectively partner to improve health care quality.

The intent at Health Quality Ontario is to harness the energy and attention of the health care system by focusing on changes needed to make things better for patients and health care providers, and on pragmatic solutions based on the evidence. The organization’s mandate is to continuously improve the quality of health care in Ontario while always listening to the voices of physicians, nurses, other health care providers and patients themselves – to fuel confidence, transparency, and accountability.

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