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Patient Partnering

Learn and Get Insipred About Patient Engagement

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Engaging Patients in Patient Safety – A Canadian Guide

This online resource offers guidance and tools for ways patients and health care providers can engage in discussions on safer care. Developed by patients and experts from across Canada this resource can be used in a health care setting, and brings together the best evidence, experience and leading practices on patient engagement.

Access the guide

Source: Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Engaging with Patients: Stories and Successes from the 2015/2016 Quality Improvement Plans

Learn how health care organizations are engaging with patients, families and caregivers in their quality improvement efforts, as reported in the 2015/2016 Quality Improvement Plans.

Read about patient engagement in quality improvement

Source: Health Quality Ontario

Learn More About Ontario’s Patient Engagement Framework

Ontario’s Patient Engagement Framework is a guide for planning, implementing and evaluating patient engagement activities. We have developed this helpful companion document that provides an introduction to each part of the Framework to help patients, caregivers and health professionals effectively engage with each other.

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Source: Health Quality Ontario

Learn How Patient Voices are Impacting Health Design and Delivery in Ontario

View the Patient Engagement In Action webinar and presentations, and learn from Ontario-based examples in the primary care and community care sectors of patient engagement contributing to and improving patient experiences and outcomes.

Learn how patient voices are impacting health design and delivery in Ontario

Source: Health Quality Transformation Conference 2014 (Health Quality Ontario)

Learn About the Core Concepts of Patient- and Family-Centred Care

Gain an understanding of the scope and variety of opportunities for patient engagement within an organization though these videos, resource guides and toolkits focused on health care leadership strategies.

Read about the core concepts of patient and family-centred care

Source: American Hospitals Association

Learn from Leading Case Studies in Patient Engagement

The resources below present leading case studies in patient engagement from Ontario and around the world. Each case study is accompanied by emerging practices, considerations and lessons learned that made it successful. Review the case studies to gain ideas and inspiration to plan your own patient engagement interventions.

Patient Engagement: Catalyzing Improvement and Innovation in Healthcare

Achieving Patient Experience Excellence in Ontario: An Idea Handbook

A Leadership Resource for Patient and Family Engagement Strategies

Learn how hospitals can become more patient- and family-focused in care practices with this online tool-kit. While designed for hospitals, other types of health care organizations can leverage these insights.

Read about leadership strategies for patient- and family-centered care

Source: American Hospitals Association

Learn From the Different Engagement Models Used in Long-Term Care Homes

Read this report to learn about the diverse engagement models being used in Long-Term Care Homes across Ontario. The report also presents common challenges and solutions to engagement projects that you can account for in your own work.

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Source: The Change Foundation

Patient/Family Advisory Councils in Ontario Hospitals: At Work, In Play

This three-part report aims to guide, connect and inspire the work of Patient and Family Advisory Councils across the province. Read the report to learn about the challenges and successes faced by Councils, as well as examples of successful initiatives.

Read about the real-life experiences of patient and family advisory councils

Source: The Change Foundation

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