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Patient Partnering

Evaluate and Measure Patient Engagement Activities

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Measuring Patient Engagement: The Basics (Video)

This video provides an overview of the importance of measuring policies and models for patient engagement. Watch to learn about metrics and approaches to effectively measuring engagement, and key areas where it adds value.

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Source: Health Quality Ontario, Health Quality Transformation 2015 (Conference)

Patient/Family Advisory Councils in Ontario Hospitals: At Work, In Play. Part 3: Examples: What the Councils Changed

Read the real stories of Patient and Family Advisory Councils, including types of policies used, programs and projects, and where these Councils have had the greatest impact.

Read stories of patient and family advisory councils

Source: The Change Foundation

Assessing Patient Engagement Projects

Use these common surveys to get feedback from other patients, caregivers, health care staff and organizations involved in an engagement project. You can get the surveys in French and English.

Download assessment surveys

Source: Professor Julia Abelson, McMaster University

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