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Evidence to Improve Care

Asthma in Children and Adolescents

Care in the Community for People Under 16 Years of Age

Quality standards are sets of concise statements designed to help health care professionals easily and quickly know what care to provide, based on the best evidence.

See below for a summary of the quality standard or download it for more detailed statements.

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Quality Statement 1: Diagnosis
Children 6 years of age and older and adolescents clinically suspected of having asthma complete spirometry to demonstrate reversible airflow obstruction and, if negative, other lung function testing to confirm the diagnosis of asthma, as soon as possible. Children 1 to 5 years of age are diagnosed with asthma after documentation of signs or symptoms of airflow obstruction, reversibility of symptoms with asthma medications, and no clinical suspicion of an alternative diagnosis.

Quality Statement 2: Asthma Control
Children and adolescents with asthma have a structured assessment at least annually to determine their level of asthma control and reasons for poor control.

Quality Statement 3: Asthma Medication
Children and adolescents with asthma receive appropriate medication and devices based on their age and current level of asthma control, including early initiation of regular inhaled anti-inflammatory therapy.

Quality Statement 4: Self-Management Education and Asthma Action Plan
Children and adolescents with asthma and their caregivers receive self-management education and a written personalized asthma action plan that is reviewed regularly with a health care professional.

Quality Statement 5: Referral to Specialized Pediatric Asthma Care
Children and adolescents with asthma with appropriate indications are referred to specialized pediatric asthma care.

Quality Statement 6: Follow-Up After Discharge
Children and adolescents who have had an emergency department visit or been hospitalized for an asthma exacerbation have a follow-up assessment within 2 to 7 days after discharge.

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