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Medication Safety

Care in All Settings

These quality statements describe what high-quality care looks like for people taking one or more medications.

See below for a summary of the quality standard or download it for more detailed statements.

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Quality Statement 1: Involvement in Decisions About Medication
People (or their substitute decision-makers) are involved in making informed decisions about their medications.

Quality Statement 2: Prescribing Practices
Prescriptions are sent to the dispensing pharmacy via e-prescribing software embedded in the patient’s electronic medical record, which allows for two-way communication between the prescriber and the pharmacist. Effective clinical decision support systems are used to aid prescribing.

Quality Statement 3: Accurate and Up-To-Date Medication List
An accurate and up-to-date list of medications is available to people taking medication (and their families and caregivers, as appropriate) and to relevant health care professionals.

Quality Statement 4: Structured Medication Review
People taking medication have structured medication reviews, especially during health care visits when medications are a major component of their care, or as clinically indicated.

Quality Statement 5: Medication-Related Patient Safety Incidents
Patients, caregivers, health care providers, and organizations recognize, report, and learn from medication-related patient safety incidents. Health care providers and organizations support a patient safety culture that is person-centred, just, and trusting.

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