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When and Why Data is Not Reported

There are various reasons why health data is not reported in Ontario.

Reasons for data not reported (code)

What this means

Number is too small to report (LV)

For the protection of patient privacy, these volumes are too low to report (between 1 and 5 cases). The exception is for hospital patient safety, where volumes are too low to report when they're between 1 and 4 cases.

No (zero) cases or visits during the reporting period (NV)

The facility/home/provider provides this health service, but there were no patients receiving the service during the reporting period

Data point is not precise (ST)

The data is not stable (meaning the estimate is not precise enough to report)

No service is provided for reporting period (NS)

The facility/home/provider did not offer this particular health service (e.g. hip replacement) in this period and/or the Facility/home/provider is not required to report.

Not Required to report(NR)

The facility/home/provider does usually report, but was exempted from public reporting for this period (e.g. a long-term care home that just opened or closed)

Facility did not report data (NC)

The facility/home/provider is required to report, but was non-compliant in this reporting period (e.g. missed their submission deadline)

Reporting or data quality issues (RI)

The facility/home/provider did not meet the data quality criteria for reporting purposes

Other reasons for data not reported include:

  • Data may not be available for Time to First Surgical Appointment for the selected surgeries and procedures because the data is reported annually, and there is not yet a complete year of data

  • Facility may not perform surgery and procedure at certain priority levels for selected reporting periods

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