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What is Health Quality

How We Measure Health Quality

To bring health quality to every person living in Ontario, we need a tracking system to measure health system performance.

The Common Quality Agenda is a set of measures or indicators that tracks long-term performance of the health system.

Developed with experts across the province, it shows how the quality of care is changing in Ontario, how regions across Ontario are performing, and how Ontario compares with the rest of Canada and other countries.

These indicators are the foundation of our yearly report, Measuring Up and inform our specialized reports that delve into specific topics. As Health Quality Ontario grows our public reporting on health system performance, the Common Quality Agenda will evolve and serve as a cornerstone for all of our public reporting publications.

The Common Quality Agenda

A set of indicators to measure health quality in Ontario.

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System Performance

Learn how health system performance reporting can improve health outcomes and experiences for patient.

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Quality Improvement

Find out about the ways to make substantial and sustainable positive improvements in care across Ontario.

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Let’s make our health system healthier

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