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What is Health Quality

Quality Advisory Initiatives

To leverage collective expertise, perspective and skills, Health Quality Ontario brings together experts, health care providers, administrators, patients, and the public to collaborate on emerging issues

Acting as an objective facilitator, these issues are analyzed and evidence-informed solutions and recommendations are developed to inform changes in policy and practice.

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Quality of Care Information Protection Act Review

Read the committee’s full report and its recommendations for updating the Quality of Care Information Protection Act.

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Designing an Ontario Patient Safety Learning System

Find out about Health Quality Ontario’s work to design a mechanism that will allow hospitals to share what they have learned from investigations of critical incidents.

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Diagnostic Imaging

In the field of diagnostic imaging, learn how peer review could play a more critical role in quality.

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Radiation Protection Legislation

Read how our expert panel is working to update the legislation for medical radiation protection to enhance the safety and quality of these services.

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Building an Integrated System for Quality Oversight in Non-Hospital Medical Clinics

Learn about existing quality oversight for non-hospital medical clinics in Ontario.

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Let’s make our health system healthier

Join Our Patient, Family and Public Advisors Program

Patients, families and the public are central to improving health quality.

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