Collaborating with patients, families and the public to create a foundation for improving health care quality

Portrait of a female patient

What is Patient Engagement?

Patients, families and health providers actively collaborating in improving Ontario’s health system

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Groups of patients participating in a discussion at a Patient, Family and Caregiver Council meeting

The Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Public Advisors Program

Bringing patient, families and the public’s perspectives into the work we do at Health Quality Ontario

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Two patients reading materials in a patient engagement meeting

Patient Engagement Tools and Resources

Discover tools and resources to help you – as patients, families and health care providers – actively collaborate with each other

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Health Quality Ontario’s Patient, Family and Public Advisors Council

Bringing unique and diverse perspectives based on their personal experiences with the health system.

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Photo of the council

Video Stories and Reflections

Visit Health Quality Ontario's YouTube page to watch videos from patients, family members and caregivers as they share their perspectives and experiences with our health care system.

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