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About Us

Who We Are

We are a scientifically rigorous group with diverse areas of expertise. We strive for complete objectivity, and look at things from a vantage point that allows us to see the forest and the trees. We work in partnership with health care providers and organizations across the system, and engage with patients themselves, to help initiate substantial and sustainable change to the province’s complex health system.

What We Do

We define the meaning of quality as it pertains to health care, and provide strategic advice so all the parts of the system can improve. We also analyze virtually all aspects of Ontario’s health care. This includes looking at the overall health of Ontarians, how well different areas of the system are working together, and most importantly, patient experience. We then produce comprehensive, objective reports based on data, facts and the voice of patients, caregivers and those who work each day in the health system. As well, we make recommendations on how to improve care using the best evidence. Finally, we support large scale quality improvements by working with our partners to facilitate ways for health care providers to learn from each other and share innovative approaches.

Why It Matters

We recognize that, as a system, we have much to be proud of, but also that we often fall short of being the best we can be. Truth be told, there are instances where it’s hard to evaluate the quality of the care and times when we don’t know what the best care looks like. Last but not least, certain vulnerable segments of the population are not receiving acceptable levels of attention. Our intent is to continuously improve the quality of health care in this province regardless of who you are or where you live. We are driven by the desire to make the system better, and by the inarguable fact that better… has no limit.

Quality Matters – A Plan for Health Quality

Learn about how we define health quality and the road map for health system improvement

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Quality Matters: A Place for Health Quality

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Claude Lurette and Kowsiya Vijayartnam, Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisors Council Co-Chairs

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