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Transitions in Care: Get Involved

Patients and caregivers tell us that the journey home after hospital admission is tough. Poor transitions increase the risk of complications.

Together with Dr. Tara Kiran at St. Michael’s Hospital, we want to hear from patients and caregivers about their experience transitioning from hospital to home.

Feedback will inform health care quality initiatives across Ontario about how to better support patients as they recover at home after a hospital stay.

Have you or your loved one been admitted to hospital overnight in the last three years? How was the transition home?

Share your experiences with us by filling out this survey by March 15, 2018.


Are you a health care provider or patient?

Would you like to host a discussion where patients and caregivers can share their experiences of recovering at home after a hospital stay?

Learn more about this project and how to lead a conversation by downloading a facilitator guide or watch a webinar on how to host a brainstorming session.

Facilitator Guide Webinar

Please tell patients and caregivers in your community that we want to hear about their experiences transitioning from hospital to home.

To get you started, here are a number of communication tools you can use to let people know about this opportunity and how to participate:

Social Media Posts Newsletter / Website Copy Poster
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