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Quality Improvement

Health Quality Ontario's e-Learning Modules

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving health quality across the province, Health Quality Ontario created e-learning modules.

The following courses are available via machealth, the online e-learning portal from McMaster University’s school of medicine:

  • Module 1: Preventing & Managing Chronic Disease: Ontario’s Framework. This module demonstrates how to use HQO’s chronic disease prevention and management framework to assess and improve chronic disease management in your practice.
  • Module 2: Getting Started: Describes the essential features of a quality improvement team and illustrates how the model for improvement can be used to help teams set aims and achieve their goals. This module will also address how tests of change can lead to improvement.
  • Module 3: Defining Your Problem & Understanding Your System: This module will help teams discover opportunities for improvement and explores common barriers to change.
  • Module 4: Designing & Testing Solutions: This module introduces quality improvement tools that can be used to develop an effective improvement plan. This module will also provide examples of how teams have developed change concepts and used measures to determine if their improvements were being maintained.
  • Module 5: Implementing & Sustaining Changes / Spreading Change: This module describes the key elements of implementation, sustainability and spread. It will also provide examples of how to sustain the improvements that have been made and spread these improvements to other areas.

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