What is Health Quality

Health care quality is achieving better health outcomes and experiences for every Ontarian. Because better has no limit.

A young man talks about what health quality means to him

Quality Is…

Health quality is shaped by the experiences and wisdom of patients, families, caregivers, and the public. Learn what they are saying

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A woman sitting outside and smiling

Quality Matters – A Plan for Health Quality

Learn how we define health quality and our road map for health system improvement

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A female doctor talking with her senior patient

How We Measure Health Quality

How Health Quality Ontario uses a pre-determined set of indicators to measure health quality in Ontario

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A picture of a man looking into the distance

Equity and Health Quality

Learn how we are committed to achieving better health quality for every person living in Ontario.

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Two health care professionals discussing a report together

Quality Advisory Initiatives

How collaboration drives quality improvement through changes in policy and practice

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Surgery team in the operating room

Never Events for Hospital Care in Canada

Learn more about the complete list of never events

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