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What is Health Quality

Health Equity and Quality

Health equity will be achieved when all people living in Ontario are able to reach their full health potential.

This means all people are able to receive quality care that is fair and appropriate to them – regardless of where they live, what their economic or social status, language, culture, gender or religion.

This also means all people are able to access appropriate housing, education, and earn fair incomes.

To this end, achieving health equity is complex. Things like housing, education and income greatly influence people’s health and fall outside the walls of the health care system.

But there is still much we can do to help realize excellent care for all.

Health Quality Ontario’s plan for health equity

Embedding equity into our own work while encouraging health care providers and system leaders to do the same are key components of our plan.

Learn about the work we’re doing in cooperation, and the collective efforts that remain.

A mother reading to a young boy


Through first-hand stories, learn how health inequities play out in people’s lives

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Woman looking off into distance


Designed to bring health equity to the forefront and inspire action

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Family smiling with new baby


See how we’re embedding equity into all that we do

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Woman reviewing paperwork with a colleague


See how we’re collaborating with and supporting others to embed equity in their work

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Let’s make our health system healthier

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Patients, families and the public are central to improving health quality.

Claude Lurette and Kowsiya Vijayartnam, Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisors Council Co-Chairs

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