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Residents First is one of the most comprehensive and innovative quality improvement initiatives in Canada. The goal of this initiative is to strengthen the long-term care sector’s capacity for ongoing quality improvement, so that long-term care residents achieve the best possible quality of life. Residents First provides training that helps homes deliver safe, effective, and responsive care. It puts the knowledge and tools in the hands of long-term care home leaders and staff so that they can sustain and build on the improvements they have achieved on their own, and spread their knowledge to others.

Quality Improvement Plans in Long-Term Care: Lessons Learned

The Quality Improvement Plans in Long-Term Care: Lessons Learned report analyzes results from QIPs voluntarily submitted by long-term care home leaders. The report acknowledges the commitment of long-term care leaders to improving quality, identifies challenges that they faced in the development of their QIPs, and provides suggestions and guidance on how to achieve future success.

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Residents First currently offers three learning streams for customized training in quality improvement for long-term care leaders and staff:

Ninety percent of all long-term care homes in Ontario have taken part in one of the Residents First learning streams, and the intention is to have every home in the province participating by 2014. To learn more about the program, please review our brochures and FAQs below:

HQO reports on quality results for long-term care homes through its long-term care public reporting tool that can be searched by postal code or by Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN). The long-term care reporting website also includes provincial results for 12 long-term care quality indicators on topics such as wait times, falls, pressure ulcers and emergency department visits.

Residents First Partners

Residents First was shaped and developed with the input of a broad range of long-term care sector stakeholders. These groups continue to have input on an ongoing basis as members of the provincial steering committee that is guiding implementation. Members include:

Concerned Friends of Ontario Citizens in Care Facilities (logo) Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada (ISMP Canada) (logo) Ontario Association of Non-Profit Homes and Services for Seniors (OANHSS) (logo) Ontario Family Councils’ Program (logo) Health Quality Ontario (logo) Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) (logo) Ontario Long Term Care Physicians (logo) Ontario’s Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) (logo) Quality Healthcare Network (QHN) (logo) Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario (RNAO) (logo) Seniors Health Research Transfer (SHRTN) (logo)

Contact Us

To register for the program, please ask your home administrator about opportunities to get involved, or send an email to info@residentsfirst.ca.

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