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Care in the Community for Adults

This quality standard addresses care provided in the community for adults aged 18 years and older with a primary diagnosis of schizophrenia.

See below for a summary of the quality standard or download it for more detailed statements.

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Quality Statement 1: Care Plan and Comprehensive Assessment
Adults with schizophrenia have a care plan that is regularly reviewed and updated, and that is informed by a comprehensive assessment.

Quality Statement 2: Physical Health Assessment
Adults with schizophrenia receive a physical health assessment on a regular basis.

Quality Statement 3: Self-Management
Adults with schizophrenia have access to information and education that supports the development of self-management skills.

Quality Statement 4: Family Education, Support, and Intervention
Families of adults with schizophrenia are given ongoing education, support, and family intervention that is tailored to their needs and preferences.

Quality Statement 5: Access to Community-Based Intensive Treatment Services
Adults with schizophrenia have timely access to community-based intensive treatment services based on their needs and preferences.

Quality Statement 6: Housing
Adults with schizophrenia have a safe, affordable, stable living environment that reflects their needs and preferences.

Quality Statement 7: Antipsychotic Monotherapy
Adults with schizophrenia are prescribed a single antipsychotic medication, whenever possible.

Quality Statement 8: Treatment With Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medication
Adults with schizophrenia are offered the option of a long-acting injectable antipsychotic medication.

Quality Statement 9: Treatment With Clozapine
Adults with schizophrenia whose symptoms have not responded to previous adequate trials of treatment with two different antipsychotic medications are offered clozapine.

Quality Statement 10: Continuation of Antipsychotic Medication
Adults with schizophrenia whose symptoms have improved with antipsychotic medication are advised to continue their antipsychotic medication for the long term.

Quality Statement 11: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis and Other Psychosocial Interventions
Adults with schizophrenia are offered cognitive behavioural therapy for psychosis and other evidence-based psychosocial interventions, based on their needs.

Quality Statement 12: Promoting Physical Activity and Healthy Eating
Adults with schizophrenia are offered readily accessible interventions that promote physical activity and healthy eating.

Quality Statement 13: Promoting Smoking Cessation
Adults with schizophrenia who smoke tobacco are offered pharmacological and nonpharmacological interventions to help them reduce or stop smoking tobacco.

Quality Statement 14: Assessing and Treating Substance Use Disorder
Adults with schizophrenia are asked about their substance use and, if appropriate, they are assessed for substance use disorder and offered treatment.

Quality Statement 15: Employment and Occupational Support
Adults with schizophrenia who wish to find work or return to work are offered supported employment programs. Adults with schizophrenia who are not seeking paid work are supported in other occupational or educational activities, in accordance with their needs and preferences.

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