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Patient Partnering

Health Literacy

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Developing Health Materials

These resources will help you develop health materials for patients or the general public that eliminate as many barriers to comprehension and use as possible.

Read How to Develop Health Materials

Source: Harvard School of Public Health

Health Literacy

The site provides information, tools, and links on health literacy research, practice, and evaluation for public health topics and situations.

Learn More About Health Literacy

Source: Centres for Disease Control and Prevention

Examples of Health Literacy in Practice

This report showcases examples of noteworthy health literacy initiatives in Canada. This concise, user-friendly resource can serve as a guide for health literacy practitioners or policy makers who wish to develop and implement health literacy initiatives.

See Examples of Health Literacy

Source: Canadian Public Health Agency

Warm Handoff

A warm handoff is a transfer of care between two members of the health care team, where the handoff occurs in front of the patient and family. This allows patients and families to hear what is said and engages patients and families in communication, giving them the opportunity to clarify or correct information or ask questions about their care.

Learn more about Warm Handoffs

Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Ask Me 3: Good Questions for Your Good Health

Designed by health literacy experts, Ask Me 3 is intended to help patients become more active members of their health care team, and provide a critical platform to improve communications between patients, families, and health care professionals.

Learn More About Ask Me 3

Source: National Patient Safety Foundation

Always Use Teach Back

The Always Use Teach Back! tools can be used to confirm patient understanding of care instructions by asking patients to repeat the instructions using their own words.

Learn More about Teach Back

Source: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

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