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Evidence to Improve Care


Care for Adults in Hospitals

Search below for the quality standard; the guide for patients; slides to help share why the quality standard is needed; quality improvement tools and resources; and performance indicators to help clinicians and organizations track their progress against the standard.

For a quality standard that addresses care for adults with schizophrenia in the community, please refer to Schizophrenia: Care in the Community for Adults.

Quality Standard

Know what quality care looks like, based on evidence and expert consensus (updated in 2023)

Clinical guide cover for schizophrenia

Patient Guide

Patients: know what to ask for in your care (updated in 2023)

Patient reference guide cover for schizophrenia

Getting Started Guide

Quality improvement tools and resources for health care professionals, including an action plan template. For best results, please view the guide on your desktop using Adobe Reader Tools to support patient care

Tools to support patient care

Getting Started Guide

Case for Improvement (slide deck)

Share why this standard was created and the data behind it, to get the support you need to put it into practice

Magnifying glass use on screen

Measurement Guide

See the technical specifications for the indicators within the quality standard (updated in 2023)

measurement ruler

We have prepared a summary of the public feedback we received for this quality standard. If you would like a copy of this report, please email us at

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