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Quality Improvement

QBP Connect

Quality–based procedures (QBPs) are specific groups of patient services that offer opportunities for health care providers to share best practices that will allow the system to achieve even better quality and system efficiencies.

QBP Connect is your source for evidence-based tools and resources to support the adoption of quality based procedures.

Tools and Resources

Read the Ontario Hospital Association's toolkit to support QBP implementation.

Access information about your hospital’s current performance related to QBPs at the Health Data Branch Web Portal

To add tools or resources or to find more information, please email us at

Community of Practice

Participate in this community to discuss best practices, share ideas for improvement and discover innovative approaches to adopting quality-based procedures. Members meet every other month via webinar and gain exclusive access to resources from peers.

Membership is open to anyone involved or interested in adopting quality-based procedures.

If you have questions about this community of practice, please contact

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QBP Adoption Webinar

Join us on January 24th from 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. for an introduction to the Degenerative Disorders of the Shoulder Quality-Based Procedure (QBP). This webinar will describe evidence-based care for degenerative disorders of the shoulder, including conservative management, appropriate specialist referrals, least invasive surgical approaches, and effective post-operative management, as well as how organizations can work together across regions and professions to improve shoulder care.

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Did you know?

Quality Standards are concise sets of easy-to-understand statements outlining the best care possible for patients with selected conditions, based on the best available evidence.

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A woman asking a question in a patient engagement meeting

Our Partners

Health Quality Ontario would like to thank all of our partners who generously shared their resources. The inclusion of such a wide variety of tools, supports, presentations, video material and websites makes this QBP adoption resource centre a valuable tool for providers and organizations that are working to improve the quality of care they deliver.

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