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System Performance

Home Care Sector Performance

Home care services support people with health issues who have difficulty caring for themselves in their homes. Services include nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, social work, nutritional counseling, speech-language therapy, and medical supplies.

Health Quality Ontario publicly reports on 11 quality indicators for home care services at the provincial level, Community Care Access Centre level, and local agencies that provide information about care options in your area. One indicator, patient satisfaction, is also reported at the service provider level.

Review the 11 quality indicators measuring home care services in Ontario

View and compare the results of Community Care Access Centres and service providers across the province

This data is available for information purposes only. All of our data comes from external data providers, which may occasionally make adjustments to the data published here. We ensure the information we report is of the highest quality, and protects privacy and confidentiality. We do not access any data that identifies personal information.

If you have a question about system performance and reporting on the provincial health system, please email us at

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Guide to Home Care Public Reporting

In Ontario, 14 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) connect patients with the care they need in the community. The CCACs either provide home care services directly or coordinate services with other organizations.

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Quality Improvement Plans Report in Home Care

Read our report that analyzes Community Care Access Centre Quality Improvement Plans across the province

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Home Care Sector Quality Improvement Plans

View the publicly posted Quality Improvement Plans from the home care sector

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