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Quality Improvement

Fostering a Culture of Quality

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Excellence in care for all Ontarians

Health Quality Ontario works with partners across the province to create a health system that embraces continuous improvement and embodies, as a core value, quality care. A more coordinated, integrated and systematic approach to improving quality across the province is being achieved through the work of 14 regional Local Health Integration Networks and the Regional Quality Tables, along with events such as the annual Regional Quality Sessions.

Consistency of care and care experiences across Ontario

There has been a concerted effort to address shortcomings and improve the quality of care across the health system, but variations in quality continue to exist across the province. Health Quality Ontario and our regional quality leads play a crucial role in identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation and support tangible health system changes.

Working collaboratively with the Local Health Integration Networks, organizations and health care providers, we engage with communities to share the quality improvement work that is happening across the province with an ultimate goal to enhance patient care and their care experiences.

To support this effort, Health Quality Ontario has set the following objectives:

  • Align and connect regional and provincial quality standards and initiatives

  • Cultivate regional clinical leaders to drive substantial change in communities across the province

  • Create a culture of quality by promoting learning, engagement and ownership

  • Share the results of innovations to encourage the spread of emerging best practices (e.g: Quality Improvement Plans, Health Link best practices)

Health Equity and Quality

Our health system still struggles to meet the needs of each resident in Ontario. The needs of those who cannot access quality care because of where they live, their economic or social status, language, culture, gender or religion, are, unfortunately, often neglected.

By sharing knowledge and innovations, by coordinating efforts across the province, and by taking equity issues into account when developing and rolling out programs and initiatives, barriers to care are slowly coming down. Only through a concerted effort such as this will all people living in Ontario be able to reach their full health potential.

Health Quality Ontario has developed a plan to embed equity into all of our work and to encourage health care providers, system leaders and planners to make health equity prominent in their thinking, discussions and planning.


Quality First

Understanding what a culture of health care quality looks like needs a common vison, definition, and set of principles. The ultimate goal of all quality improvement efforts is to create a culture of quality in order to ensure consistent and sustainable improvements in patient care and care experiences.

By providing quality improvement specialists with the information and tools they need to effect real change and make tangible improvements in care for patients, Health Quality Ontario is helping stimulate change, facilitate collaboration, build capacity and support improvement efforts in each region.


Let’s make our health system healthier

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Claude Lurette and Kowsiya Vijayartnam, Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisors Council Co-Chairs

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