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What is Health Quality

Change Day Ontario

On November 17, 2017, people across Ontario will come together in realizing a quality-first culture of care.

What is Change Day?

It's a growing global movement rooted in health system improvement.

It’s about individual people – patients, caregivers, providers and leaders of all kind – each pledging to make a change. Any change – big or small.

But most importantly, it’s about people connecting through their ideas and stories; sharing them through social media; engaging with one another; overcoming barriers; and ultimately, helping to improve health care for patients and providers alike.

What is Change Day Ontario?

It’s rooted in improving our health care system. It means all of us working toward a collective goal of enhancing positive experiences for individuals, patients, families and providers, while improving population health and delivering high-value health care.

It means pledging to put quality first – and to help create a health system with a culture of quality that is safe, effective, patient-centred, efficient, timely and equitable.

It’s about joining together to create a just and compassionate health system committed to relentless improvement.

What’s happening now?

The date’s set for November 17, 2017 – but it’s important to note: Change Day isn’t really just a day. Rather, it’s more like a movement that runs for a period of months and culminates in a day of celebration.

In partnership with Associated Medical Services, Health Quality Ontario is collaborating with organizations across the health care system.

Please stay tuned for more information about how to get involved or become a sponsor.

“In the frustrating moments when we see that things aren’t happening in the best way, we can start on the small change actions that — in time, and with the help of others — overcome the things that were getting in our way.” @FabChangeDay (National Health Service in the U.K., where Change Day originated)

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Claude Lurette and Kowsiya Vijayartnam, Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisors Council Co-Chairs

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