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Board of Directors and Committees

The members of Health Quality Ontario’s Board of Directors are appointed by government through an Order-in-Council for three-year terms. They come from all regions of the province and bring a diverse range of health and leadership expertise.

Health Quality Ontario's Board of Directors:


In support of its work, Health Quality Ontario has five Board committees:

The Audit & Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the finances, audit arrangements, human resource plans and policies, and information technology of the organization. Members include:


The Governance and Nominating Committee supports the Board in fulfilling its commitment to, and responsibility for, good governance of Health Quality Ontario. Members include:


The Management Resources Committee annually establishes the performance objectives of the President and Chief Executive Officer and evaluates and compensates the Chief Executive Officer based on performance aligned with Health Quality Ontario policy regarding the role of the Chief Executive Officer. Members include:


The Ontario Health Technology Advisory Committee reviews the findings of Health Quality Ontario’s health technology assessments, and after considering a variety of factors, makes recommendations to the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care about whether the health intervention should be publicly funded or not.


The Ontario Quality Standards Committee provides advice to Health Quality Ontario on its quality standards program, including on ways to enhance the adoption and impact of the standards. Working in collaboration with lived experience members and with the health system, it also makes recommendations, through the Health Quality Ontario Board concerning quality standards and other types of clinical care standards, and about performance measures, too.

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Claude Lurette and Kowsiya Vijayartnam, Health Quality Ontario Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisors Council Co-Chairs

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