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System Performance

System Performance

Why and how we report on health system performance in Ontario

Transparent data drives accountability and improvement. That’s why Health Quality Ontario has been monitoring and reporting on the province’s health system performance since 2006.

We currently provide online data on the following health sectors:

We also produce comprehensive, objective reports based on data, facts and the voice of patients, caregivers and the individuals who work in the system.

Measuring Up is a yearly report on the health of people living in Ontario and the performance of Ontario’s health system. It uses the Common Quality Agenda, a set of indicators selected with experts across the province, to see how health quality is changing in Ontario.

In addition, we create specialized reports looking at specific topics, such as particular populations, health sectors or areas of care.

Through our online data and comprehensive reports, our indicators often include data using cross-cutting domains. For example, health equity is a cross-cutting domain, where we analyze the data within our indicators using a variety of economic and social variables such as income, education, sex, urban/rural location, age, language, immigration, ethno-cultural identity and Aboriginal status.

Our goal with all of our health system performance reporting is to increase the availability of information to enable better decisions.


Two health care providers searching for system performance information on a computer in a hospital office

Our Strategy for System Performance Reporting

Health Quality Ontario is an objective source of information on the health status of people living in Ontario and the quality of health services provided by our universal health system.

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Common Quality Agenda

The Common Quality Agenda is a set of indicators selected with system partners and experts across the province to track how health quality is progressing in Ontario.

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Patient Experience: Measuring what matters

Health Quality Ontario is working with partners across the health care system to better measure patient experiences and strengthen patient-centred care in Ontario.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Quality Ontario continually reassesses its list of quality indicators.

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